HoloWAN Network Emulator

Easily simulate complex networks and help you create perfect products. The HoloWAN team has been dedicated to network simulation for 13 years, committed to providing you with modern solutions that are easy to use, perform exceptionally, are precise and reliable, and have powerful features.


Why choose us?

Since 2009, with over 13 years of network emulation experience.
Tencent, Alibaba, ByteDance, Meituan and so many leading enterprises rely on HoloWAN.


Perfect Experience

We value the user experience of our products and provide a simple and intuitive user interface and operating logic in the testing field using modern technology.


High Performance

We ensure the highest performance of all products through advanced software and hardware technologies such as DPDK and FPGA.


Powerful Functionality

With over 13 years of technical experience, our products have rich and comprehensive functionality, allowing us to have what others don't have and excel where others do.


Professional Technical Support

A Professional team with over 13 years experience, capable of providing reliable technical support for product usage and related technical consultation.


Customized Services

With our extensive technical experience, we can continue to solve the latest problems for you and tackle unknown challenges.


Well-known User Group

Top users such as Tencent, Alibaba, ByteDance, and a huge user base. Our products have a wide range of applications and high retention rates.

Tencent, Alibaba, ByteDance, Meituan, Baidu
The unanimous choice of the leading enterprises.

Since 2009, the HoloWAN team has served over 500 enterprises. Whether it is a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, HoloWAN is the best choice for network emulation and testing.

Easily simulate complex networks and help you create perfect products.


Simulate various network conditions Top Up Account Easily

Whether it's a wired network or a wireless network such as WiFi, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, satellite links, etc., and whether it's a point-to-point network or a network between servers and multiple nodes, it can be easily set up.


A wide variety of impairment types Regular Cashback

Bandwidth limitation, jitter, delay, delay jitter, packet loss, packet loss jitter, network congestion, packet reordering, packet duplication, bit error, queue depth, frame overhead, background traffic, etc.


Comprehensive packet filtering rules Cost Statistics

IP addresses (supporting GRE tunneling protocol), MAC addresses, VLAN, TCP/UDP port numbers, MPLS labels, PPPoE, RAW 1-Byte Offsets, RAW 4-Byte Offsets, and combination rules.


Convenient automated deployment Data Security

Supporting Restful API and Python API, which can modify all network impairment parameters in 0.1 seconds.

Stats screen

Advanced technology architecture
The flexibility of software + The high performance of hardware

The new generation HoloWAN network impairment device adopts a DPDK+FPGA hybrid architecture. With a focus on rapidly changing industries, the high flexibility of the software supports fast iteration and responds to the latest demands. For high-performance and high-precision requirements, FPGA ensures mission-critical performance.


Multi paths
1 becomes 15! Utilization remains at maximum capacity!

Different traffic can undergo different impairment processing! One device can also serve as multiple devices, making it a collaborative tool for teams!

  • Each pair of physical network ports (one engine) can support 15 virtual paths.
  • Virtual paths within the same engine support round-trip chaining, enabling complex topologies to be achieved.
  • Supports multiple users simultaneously logging into the GUI and operating multiple paths at the same time.

A wide variety of impairment types
More than a decade of experience, making us stand out from the rest!

Dozens of powerful features including bandwidth limitation, delay, packet loss, jitter, etc. For example, there are more than 6 control models for delay jitter alone, and all impairments can be flexibly combined and repeatedly processed.


Extremely open API

All features can be automatically configured through the API. Whether it is Restful API or Python API, HoloWAN can be flexibly controlled to make rapid changes. The stability of the API has been continuously tested and verified by numerous leading companies.

  • The API is extremely open, and every atomic function can be controlled automatically.
  • The API is stable and reliable, and has been continuously tested and verified over the long term by numerous large companies.
  • Users of the U series can receive our professional technical support.

AI technology consultant & automation engineer

HoloWAN AI technology consultants provide intelligent technical advice and answer usage questions using advanced AI technology.
HoloWAN AI automation engineers can efficiently generate precise automation script code based on your natural language descriptions.
We are committed to providing reliable and efficient technical support for your projects through these services.


Rapid response secondary development services.

We offer free and rapid response to emerging demands that will be widely used in the future.
We also have the professional capability to provide customized services for special requirements of specific users.
The development speed and response time of the HoloWAN team have received consistent praise from numerous leading companies.