Use stable and accurate traffic
to test WAN.

HoloWAN Recorder is able to send end-to-end continuous stable UDP and ICMP traffic, easily measuring the quality of end-to-end networks, and capturing weak network processes.

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What can HoloWAN Recorder do?

By continuously sending stable UDP test traffic, the HoloWAN Recorder monitors the bandwidth quality changes of a network, and by continuously sending fast ICMP traffic, measures network latency and packet loss rates, which can be used to analyze network service quality or record weak network environments.


Stable UDP traffic.

Open source tools such as Iperf cannot guarantee sending traffic at a constant speed and cannot obtain reliable measurement results, which can be solved by using HoloWAN Recorder.


Send ICMP once every 0.1 seconds.

By sending an ICMP packet every 0.1 seconds, finer granularity of latency and packet loss rate changes can be obtained.


The client also acts as the server.

Installing the same program on devices can allow them to function as both client and server, greatly increasing flexibility.


Compatible with more operating systems.

Compatible with the three major operating systems Android, Windows, and Linux, making high-quality network quality testing readily available. Customization is also supported.


Continuously measure for dozens of hours.

To capture moments of network quality degradation, long-term measurement is required, but most open-source software on the market cannot guarantee stable measurement over a long period of time.


Generate test results in a txt file.

The txt file has excellent compatibility and can be imported into the HoloWAN Network Impairment Emulator for replay and reproduction of network environments.